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Dear Mrs Christoffers


Mr Dirk Sijmons, mr Albert Jansen and Hans van Houwelingen would kindly request for a meeting with mister Aloys Wobben (if possible) on oktober 25.

Mr Sijmons is Rijksbouwmeester, the governmental advisor for Dutch landscape disign. Mr Jansen works for SenterNovem, a governmental advisor for the ministry of economics. Hans van Houwelingen is an artist-designer.


Mr Sijmons recently published: Windturbines in het Nederlandse landschap, a national advise about the use of wind energy in Dutch landscape in the near future. Hans van Houwelingen is one of the designers that took part in this study

One of the topics of this publication is the use of wind energy within a cultural point of view. In that perspective, some principal questions came up in relation to the wind-industry, which we would like to talk over with Mr Wobben.  

We would be very pleased and grateful if Mr Wobben is willing to meet on Oktober 25 to share ideas about these issues.  


best regards


Hans van Houwelingen