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De Fruittuinen (the Fruit Gardens) was designated by the Housing Society in Hoofddorp as an appropriate location for placing a ‘folly’; an ‘unmanned’ image of an ideal home. In his folly, Hans van Houwelingen stresses the tensions between private and public interests, so typical for the ideal business location Hoofddorp as booming community strives to be.             
The work is designed for the exhibition ‘Pioneri Con Tutti’ and addresses the political issues of the day and parliamentary elections of 2002. The election posters, flanked by a canon, on an island made of rubble, suggest the free play of democratic forces, but also remind of new-right slogans about a ‘full’ Holland which needs to be protected against foreigners. Pim Fortuyn, the charismatic right wing leader who watches from behind, was murdered for political reasons during the exhibition period, on May 6th, 2002.

Source: text catalogue, 2002 / Max Bruinsma, 2004