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Monument Bank

Imagine you’re dying or already dead.
Nothing guarantees your monument to be raised.
Don’t let your memory depend on others’ whims!
For 500 Euros you protect yourself or someone else against the horror of oblivion.
The best long seat for public space – designed by Friso Kramer – is too expensive and rarely used. For the collection ‘Images of Banks’ I don’t want to add another bench to the already existing variety, but make Kramer’s long seat into a monument. Everyone can buy space on the back rest of one of Kramer’s benches to safeguard the memory of oneself (or someone else) for the future.
This plan, financed by death, allows the Amersfoort municipality to provide public space with a high-quality product.

Source: brochure of the exhibition ‘Made by Commission: Images of Banks’, Art Commissions Bureau, De Zonnehof Centre for Modern Art, 2001
Note: The arts commissioning bureau of De Zonnehof, centre for modern art, has started an investigation into the possibilities of building a collection of artists benches in the public space of Amersfoort.