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Cows are very deep thinkers

Straight across a broad shopping mall in the centre of Den Bosch
is a narrow blind alley at the end of which stands the Prekerspoort (‘preachers gate’). Once, this gate gave access to a convent, but today it is the entrance of a theatre: Artemis.
The convent has long gone, and in a sense so has the gate which is still standing. A post-war piece of masonry, in which the word ‘Prekerspoort’ is carved out, suggests being a valuable remnant of ancient times, but is in fact no more than a faux décor of a town, Den Bosch, that promotes itself as being historic.
‘Cows are very deep thinkers’ is the title of a mirrored replica of this gate, constructed by Monumentenzorg (the Dutch Historic Buildings Society), which stands on top of the other gate. In the replica, the word ‘Artemis’ is carved, the name of the theatre. The dogs flanking the godess of hunting remind of the gargoyle dogs adorning St. Jan cathedral’s cullis. Nothing in this alley is what it wants to be for the town, except the theatre, which must make use of sets and sidewings to achieve the desired effect.

Source: Hans van Houwelingen, clarification design “Cows are very deep thinkers”, 1993